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Why do it?

Cycling to work is independent, door-to-door, clean, healthy and efficient. There is evidence that cyclists are healthier, brighter and more productive than colleagues who arrive at work by more sedentary means. Cycling is a great form of transport liberating us from traffic jams and crowded trains and giving us back some control of our lives.

Globally, cycling is on the decline which is disappointing given the freedom it can bring to our individual lives and indeed in the the contribution it can make to the world's sustainability.   With the world's population having reached 7 billion in 2011 - and estimated to reach 9 billion by 2050 with the majority of people living in urban areas - cycling has a potentially significant role to play in enabling 9 billion quality lives to thrive.  

In the UK, after suffering a significant dip over the past five decades, cycling is once again on the increase as people see the efficiency, health, cost and environmental benefits of travelling by bike. Team GB’s cyclists’ excellent performances at both the Beijing and London Olympic Games – and Bradley Wiggins' inspirational Tour de France win plus the hugely successful Tour of Britain – are undoubtedly also playing a role in encouraging more people to cycle.  In fact a new survey shows that 52% of people interviewed are motivated to cycle as a direct result of Olympics.

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