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Concerns about cycle safety are one of the biggest barriers to taking up cycling – help break this down by promoting cycle training and cycle safety.

Promote Cycle Training

Whether someone has never learnt to cycle or simply wants to gain more confidence cycling on the road, there's a cycle course for them.

There may be free or subsidised cycle training in your area:

Bikeability offers cycling skills training for adults  - an updated list, as of end June 2015, of Bikeability Training Providers can be found here

London: Free and subsidised cycle training is available for adults and children within most London boroughs.

Find out more on the TfL website

You could also consider holding bespoke cycle training events for your employees. A typical cycle training course can normally accommodate 5 cyclists, takes around 3 hours, and costs in the region of £100. CTC, the national cycling charity, has dedicated commuter cycle training 

To organise your own cycle training, you can find a National Standards qualified cycle instructor in your area here on the CTC website 

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