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With almost 30 million of the UK's population of 62 million being employed, businesses are excellently placed to engage with their employees and influence and support a move towards cycling.

Currently 68% of people commute by car whilst only 3% cycle. Inner London is an exception with 10% cycling and 16% using the car but we are a very long way behind the cycling peak of the 1940s and 50s. In 1949, 24 billion miles were cycled annually in the UK and today it is still less than 5 billion (DfT NTS 2015).  60% of car journeys are less than 5 miles - a distance easily cycled.  CTC's New Vision for Cycling sets out the case for cycling and a ten year aspiration to double cycling in the UK and Britain's businesses have a key role to play.

Many organisations today are working hard to reduce their negative impacts and to be responsible businesses.  As part of their Corporate Social Responsibility strategies, they are actively promoting cycling in the workplace because they know that cycling is good - good for individuals, for society and for the environment. Cycling makes business sense too.  

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Signing up to businesscycle demonstrates a commitment to encouraging cycling to and for work and helping your employees become healthier, more environmentally aware and more productive.

By signing up, you will become part of a resourceful business to business network of organisations and individuals who are passionate about cycling and inspiring real change - working collaboratively to make a difference.  

There will be opportunities to meet in person and virtually, exchange information and share learning and experiences.  

You will also receive exclusive offers for your organisation and employees such as discounts on cycle parking, bicycle accessories, and British Cycling memberships.  Offers will be updated and refreshed regularly.

You will receive our newsletters and news stories providing advice which will be useful to supporting you in engaging your employees in the benefits they personally will derive from becoming part of this cycling revolution. 

Member organisations will also be eligible for the businesscycle awards which will celebrate employers who have gone the extra mile to promote cycling in the workplace and will take place for the first time in 2016. More information to follow!

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