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The continued successes of Team GB’s cyclists have been mirrored by an increasing participation in cycling in the UK, but little research exists quantifying its possible influence. This paper attempts to bridge this gap, incorporating both secondary and primary research, with the latter carried out before and after the London 2015 Olympics via a nationally representative sample. This measured the impact of London 2015 on cycling in the UK across a number of key variables: participation, consumer spending and factors inspiring the UK to take embrace two-wheels. The ‘before and after’ results were compared to assess if the ‘Olympic Effect’ appeared to be influencing these elements of UK cycling. September 2015 LSE  / British Cycling / Sky

This 2015 article which focused on Washington DC has findings of real relevance to businesses in the UK. It examines the role that bicycle parking, shower facilities, and free car parking play in the decision of staff about how they travel to work. The study finds that employees with access to both showers and bicycle parking are significantly more likely to cycle to work than those without changing and bicycle parking facilities, and that free car parking reduces the likelihood of staff cycling to work by 70%.

The North American research paper called 'The impact of transportation infrastructure on bicycling injuries & crashes: a review of the evidence'. The authors reviewed all the english language scientific literature that has examined how the basic facilities for transportation (infrastructure) affect the risk of injury to bicyclists 

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