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Continuous, consistent messages that encourage cycling to work and discourage less sustainable modes will help to increase the numbers of staff that commute by bike. Employees will be encouraged to take that first cycle journey if the right incentives are put in place.

What might it involve? On top of providing facilities for cyclists there are a number of different incentives available to encourage employees to cycle to work including:

• Encourage Bikeability cycle training
• Providing a mileage allowance of 20p a mile for those cycling on business journeys
• Providing free breakfasts for employees who commute by bike (which are tax deductable)
• Putting in place a buddy system or Bicycle Users Group to lead on workplace initiatives
• Giving rewards for each work cycle journey made
• Using the offers available through the BusinessCycle scheme
• Workplace cycle challenge
• Holding an annual competition for those who cycled the furthest, or the greatest number of days
• Designate a few days each year as “cycle to work” days and offer breakfast or other refreshments
• Provide cycle maps to help cyclists plan their commute

Mileage Allowance for cyclists - Employers can pay up to 20 pence per mile tax free to employees who use their own cycles for business travel. HM Revenue and Customs: Rates and Allowances - Travel

British Cycling Support - British Cycling has a range of initiatives designed to support people to get into and keep cycling – and through businesscycle, employees can get discounted British Cycling membership!

Social Cycling Groups -The free social network for cyclists - Find cycling friends, create groups and organise rides - It's easy and it’s free to set up a profile, plan a public or private ride, and publish it for others to join. Social Cycling Groups are the perfect opportunity to plan a commute to work, a Saturday morning bike ride, or simply meet others who cycle in your area. For more information click here

British Cycling Mapping - Search and Create your Own Cycle Routes - This unique mapping tool is the only mapping tool which combines Ordnance Survey maps with Google Maps. The tool enables you to search maps in your area, including 300 British Cycling Approved and GB Rider routes, map your own routes and share them with others. Non-British Cycling members can sample the mapping tool for free, allowing you to view a sample of around 80 British Cycling approved routes and create and save three of your own routes. British Cycling members have full access to the Mapping tool.

Led Rides - British Cycling organise a range of led rides throughout the year. The rides, delivered by qualified British Cycling ride leaders, include Sky Ride Local (for all levels - throughout the summer) and Breeze (for women only) and are designed to help increase confidence and awareness of local cycling routes in the company of other riders of a similar level. For further details and availability, go to

PleaseCycle - a system to encourage, reward and sustain commuter cycling. PleaseCycle - a unique behavioural change solution helping organisations understand, encourage and reward employee cycling, a proven way of saving carbon, increasing productivity and lowering absenteeism. Our Cycle Hub® system is an online portal containing educational content, safe route planners, weather updates and a company-wide leaderboard. This allows staff to compete in teams across the organisation, build morale and fitness, see how much they’re cycling,  the resultant carbon saved and earn rewards for their mileage – like an “Air Miles” for bikes. It’s an employee-engagement, benefit and CSR tool rolled into one, helping organisations to inspire healthy and sustainable behaviour, capture carbon data and demonstrate the ROI of cycle2work schemes. Successfully used by large Corporates such as Reckett Benkiser, Bloomberg, Aegis, Quorum Business Park etc. The team at PleaseCycle would love to talk with you about how to engage your staff through cycling. Please contact or call +44 (0) 20 7631 2090

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