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17 March 2013: This is Anywhere Working Week! As you know, BITC/ways2work is proud to be a founding partner of the Microsoft-led Anywhere Working Consortium.

Plans announced to reduce barriers to the use of sustainable local transport

14 March 2013: The government’s plan to ma....

TfL cycle security survey

27 February 2013: Help TfL understand cycle security issues and inform future strategy by completing this survey

The impacts of compulsory cycle helmet legislation

13 February 2013: An interesting paper called 'The impacts of compulsory cycle helmet legislation on cyclist fatalities and premature deaths in the UK' has been written by James Gleave, Senior Strategic Transport Of....

Reported Road Casualties - announced 7 February 2013

10 February 2013: Reported road casualties Great Britain: provisional estimates Q3 2012 These figures were announced on 7 February and fuller information can be found here The summary is as follows: For r....

Get Britain Cycling

21 January 2013: ‘Get Britain Cycling’ Inquiry hears from first witnesses on Wednesday - The All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group will hear its first witnesses this Wednesday in an introductory sessio....

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