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cycling in cumbria

Cycling in Cumbria is the most wonderful way to explore and see the Lake District, if you are fit and well enough to do it. However, the huge number of hills and mountains in Cumbria mean that if you aren't very fit and well, you will probably struggle to cycle large amounts of it. You might be fine cycling around the lakes on the flat, but don't try to take on more than you can handle. One of the next best ways to view Cumbria is touring by caravan .

You still get to travel everywhere, but without the physical effort. You will still see the great views and incredible lakes and mountains, can stop at different caravan parks as you travel around at your own pace, and really get back to nature. If you would like to get more physical effort into your travels or your holiday you can hike Kilimanjaro which is one of the best locations in the world for hiking.

Sadly, there seem to be cycling accident stories quite frequently in the news, despite an increase in road safety campaigns, cycling paths and promotion of safer cycling equipment. If you are a cyclist and you have been injured by a motorist and it wasn't your fault, you should consider seeking legal help. See for information on how to go about it. Motorists need to be more cyclist aware and aware of the consequences of being involved in an accident if we are to change attitudes in the UK.  

Cumbria is also covered by a 24 hour plumbers service, so should you see someones home flooded in the area or a leaking drain it now easy to get a repairs team underway.

Below are listed useful links about cycling in the UK.