Keep fit with cycling

For keen cyclists the Western Lake District has something for everyone from leisurely coastal routes and bike-friendly forest tracks to more challenging single track and scenic uphill climbs.

Cumbria with the Lake District National Park at its centre must be one of the nicest places to cycle in England.

Once off the main roads the surfaces are often a bit dubious so care is required but the traffic is very light and usually quite slow. This to my mind makes Cumbria one of the great places to road ride in England.

Great exercise in all weather

No matter what the weather, proper cyclists will always enjoy a ride from a hostel.  Without a doubt road cycling in the Lake District requires a bit more stamina than cycling in say Cambridge or the Fens. If you’re aiming towards a cycling race, there are personal trainers who can help you meet your ambitions in an exclusive gym.

Various cycling sites such as have routes for all levels of fitness and endurance! (however if you do their great coast to coast mountain bike route, please remember to stop here a hostel for the night!)