Cycling in Cumbria

cycling in cumbria

Cycling in Cumbria is a site specifically compiled for people who are new to cycling or who view cycling as a leisure pastime. 

CumbrianCyclist, the website for cyclists in Cumbria

Our goal is to provide basic advice and guidance, in non-techno speak, to help you gain maximum enjoyment from your cycling. 

So you’ve got your bike and now you want to get kitted up. Good idea, one of the most fun parts of cycling is getting the right gear. It can really add nicely to the experience. The posts listed here will help you work out what gear is out there, what actually performs well and what it is worth spending money on.

Cycling Services in York

Adult bikes only £16.50 each per day
Childrens bikes from £10 per day
Special week/weekend group rates

All equipment supplied

  • Safety Helmets
  • Padlock & Pump
  • Route Maps & Rucksack
  • Puncture Repair Kit

On the list to try:
- Plough Inn, Coldharbour
- Abinger Hatch, Abinger Common
- King's Head, Holmbury St. Mary
- Royal Oak, Holmbury St. Mary
- Ranmore, Ranmore Common
- mountain bike hire cumbria
- Prince of Wales, Shere
- White Horse, Shere

Very popular with Box Hill ramblers, so tolerant of patrons with muddy shoes (as long as you stay out of the refurbished bit). Good ales, but nothing special about the food. The hotel bar is a little too clean to be comfortable for mountain bikers. But they're friendly when you come in for a pint to take outside.